The Magicians: Making Magic 4×01

24 January 2019
Posted by Cole

The Magicians: Making Magic behind the scenes featurette for 4×01 is below.

I have added a few screencaptures of Arjun from the featurette to the gallery. Click the thumbnails below to view the image album.

The Magicians In Cars Getting Rides

23 January 2019
Posted by Cole

For promotion of The Magicians season 4, resident Uber Driver, Isaac (a.k.a. Josh), drove around some of the Magicians in some fun videos. Syfy’s compilation of the rides is below.

I have added screencaptures of DJ Hansel’s ride with Isaac. Click the thumbnails below to view the image album.

Nerdist: “The Magicians” Cast Talks Creating an Authentically Diverse World

09 January 2019
Posted by Cole

Nerdist went to the set of The Magicians season 4 and talked with the cast about diversity in the show. Read what Arjun had to say below:

For Arjun Gupta, who plays everyone’s favorite magical traveler Penny, the push toward diversity is at the core of everything he does. “It’s the most important thing we can do, it’s our responsibility as artists,” Gupta said. “I’m of the Tony Kushner school of art where everything is political, art is politics. Not that it’s specifically political, just that it has a message and has influence and therefore you should be conscious of it.”

Gupta feels as though he’s surrounded by a team with similar values. “It’s remarkable to be part of cast and crew where that is conscious for us all,” he said. “I think that there’s always room to improve and that there’s ways for our show to improve going forward. But you can see from the first to the second to the third [season] the way that we have improved and I think that’s a testament to a group of artists that want to influence. And it’s also a legacy of Lev’s.”

You can read what other members of the cast had to say in the full Nerdist article.

“The Magicians” Season 4 Featurette: Making Magic – The Penthouse

18 December 2018
Posted by Cole

Syfy released a new behind the scenes featurette about the new location on the show: Marina 23’s Penthouse. Arjun speaks about the new set around the middle of the featurette.

I have added a few screencaptures of Arjun from the featurette to the gallery. Click the thumbnails below to view the image album.

Happy 32nd Birthday, Arjun!

28 November 2018
Posted by Cole

Today is November 28, which means it’s Arjun’s 32nd birthday! We hope Arjun has an excellent year ahead of him with many opportunities and joyous moments!

We are proud to bring this fansite to celebrate Arjun’s talent and acting career. The gallery is still under works and is far from complete, but please view what has been uploaded so far.