The Magicians

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Network: Syfy
Rating: TV-MA (Uncensored)
Also Starring: Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor-Dudley, Hale Appleman, Summer Bishil
Arjun’s Role: William “Penny” Adiyodi

About The Magicians: After being recruited to a secretive academy, a group of students discover that the magic they read about as children is very real-and more dangerous than they ever imagined.

About the Seasons

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About Arjun’s Characters

Penny Adiyodi (Timeline 40)

William “Penny” Adiyodi is a former traveler student at Brakebills University and a current librarian at the Neitherlands Library.

Penny is of Indian ethnicity. When growing up, he spent some time in Florida. … After passing the entrance exam for Brakebills University and becoming a student there, Penny becomes roommates with Quentin Coldwater. Penny is not particularly fond of Quentin. The two pick fights with one another, but at the end of the day, Penny is a caring guy who is willing to risk his life to help out Quentin.

Among the current class of Brakebills students, Penny has perhaps the greatest power. At first, he hears voices, which he thinks is a psychological ailment, for which he tries to self-medicate with drugs. He later learns the voices he hears are that of the Beast contacting him as part of a larger scheme. He also learns his true powers are that of a traveler. He can travel about worlds at a whim. In addition to traveling, when the threat of the Beast grew, Penny and his friends learned battle magic.

He goes on an adventure in Fillory with his allies: Quentin, Alice, Eliot, and Margo. However, as Fillorian law dictates, there can only be two kings and two queens from Earth to rule over the magical lands. With Eliot, by blood, becoming the high king, and Quentin, being a big fan of the Fillory books, becoming the second king, Penny is the only one on their adventure to not receive a crown. However, having stolen it from Quentin, Penny is the only person to have ever read the the unpublished sixth Fillory and Further book, the only Fillory book by Jane Chatwin herself.

On his journey to Fillory to defeat the Beast, both of Penny’s hands are mercilessly cut off. Paragraph about Penny losing his hands and getting his bound to a contract with the Library.

Paragraph about his death and his time in the astral plane.

Fashion: Soon.

Relationships: Soon.

Penny Adiyodi (Timeline 23)

Penny in timeline 23 started off like Penny in timeline 40, however, the Brakebills students were unable to defeat the Beast and were thrown into a world of despair. Penny-23 was dating Julia-23 before she was killed. He is also friends with Marina-23. After Julia-40 and Josh-40 go to timeline 23, Penny-23 and Marina-23 hitch a ride back to timeline 40. As Penny-40 is trapped in a contract with the Library, Penny-23 kind of fills the missing hole that was Penny-40.

DJ Hansel

In order to protect their identities from the Monster that occupies Eliot’s body, the magicians’ memories of magic and their current identities are stripped as a form of witness protection. Penny’s new identity is of a DJ named Hansel. Not much more is known of him.

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